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Music For Pets
U.S. Version
Release year: 1996

Relevant Track Listing:

1. Silver Lady Disco
2. Coyote Face
3. True Face
4. Feminine SDH
5. Boodledang
6. Music For Pets
7. Us
8. Chicken Out
9. With You
12. Happiness
13. Pure
14. Mind Control
15. Flibberty Jibbet
16. Based On A True Story
17. Silver Lady
18. Choke
19. Singer In The Woods (with unlisted bonus track "Evil")


Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Ahmet Zappa - Lead Vocals
Joe Travers - Drums
Bryan Beller aka "Arkansas" - Bass
Mike Keneally aka "Bing Jang" - Guitar, Background Vocals

Equipment used:

Tobias (pre-Gibson, circa 1986) Basic 5-String Bass (most tracks)
Peavey Axcelerator 5-String Bass (several tracks)
1970's-era Fender Jazz 4-String Bass (on "Singer In The Woods", "Silver Lady Disco" and "Happy Song")
Fender '51 Precision Reissue 4-String Bass (on "Mind Control")
Peavey 5150 Guitar Amp and Speaker Cabinet (on "Mind Control")
SansAmp PSA-1 Programmable Preamp (on "Evil")
SansAmp D.I. (the predecessor to the Bass Driver, whatever that was)
Unknown Peavey Rig (Amp plus 4x10 and 1x15 Speaker Cabinets)
Kustom 100-Watt Bass Amp (on "Feminine SDH")
Trace Elliott 4x10 Speaker Cabinet (on "Feminine SDH")

Man oh man. Where to begin? The sessions for this project lasted more than a year, and the album itself underwent something like five re-mixes, three different sequences, at least three different main engineers…all in all, a textbook case of how to rework a record into the ground. As you'll notice from the discography, there are two different versions of this CD, one American and one French, plus a full-length CD of session outtakes, many of which were (IMHO) stronger than the tunes on this release. I hate to say it, but in retrospect, this version is the least coherent.

There was also the embarrassing incident of Keneally getting fired and me leaving the band as well less than sixty days before the official American release date, and the subsequent replacement of our photos with pictures of the Zappas' dogs…but that's all water under the bridge at this point. No, I'm not being sarcastic.

For the way-too-long full story of the Music For Pets sessions, check out Act 18 of The Life Of Bryan, "Dissecting Pets".

Click here for the official Zappa family website.

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