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The Mike Keneally Website - this site, my album, it's all his fault
The Joe Travers Website - drummer, Zappa vaultmeister, detail freak
Griff Peters - the best guitarist you've never heard in your life
Rick Musallam (SMUG) - all Rick guitar all the time in this super-hip power trio
Toss Panos - Keneally alum tracks with Michael Landau, Faith Hill, makes friends and influences people
Yogi (Wonky.Net) - plays guitar, writes music, sings, and writes his own cgi script...unfairly talented
Nick D'Virgilio - chief View engineer, singer, songwriter, drummer for Mike Keneally and Tears For Fears...getting tired just thinking about it
Chris Opperman - serious composer, moonlights writing rock-fusion charts
Mastersuite - View mastering engineer Jay Frigoletto, ridiculous client list
Colin Keenan (Touched) - dark, heavy, detuned rock from the dark mind of a dark man
Wes Wehmiller - now in a better place, but he put a lot out there in the brief time he had

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Moosenet - web hosting, nice price
The Unofficial Mike Keneally Band Website - ten years of Beller/Keneally history, in great detail
MK - approved Keneally file sharing for the masses
None Radio - the best radio is none
Hentooth Studios - atticus wolrab would like to show you something
Martha C. Lawrence - a published author who already knows what you're thinking
Janet Robin - singer/songwriter, good friend, 1999 band: Joe Travers, Rick Musallam, me
Miss Kiki's Entertainment Emporium - NO, it's not porn, it's my good friend Inga
The Johnson Brothers Band - when in Kentucky, go see these guys
The Steely Damned - full-blown 15-piece Steely Dan cover band; sometimes I get to play
Steve Vai - guitar hero, label executive, regular guy from Long Island
Wayne Kramer - the anti-guitar hero and legitimately angry man, subversive for decades - it all leads back here, doesn't it?
Dementia Radio - Demented Dave earns his nickname regularly
Progressive Soundscapes Radio - sayin' it loud: they're prog and they're proud
KYDD Basses - upright basses for electric players who get scared by upright basses
Ferrante's Power Equipment - FPE for short, long on M.I. industry news on cool new products and artists who use them
Kira Small - Nashville-based singer/songwriter sings blues, finds interesting uses for kitchen knives
Tom Langford - L.A. coffeeshop & cafe vet, singer/songwriter, and one of Wes Wehmiller's final recording projects
Jackie Daum - singer, songwriter, engineer, lover of nature, and even her own web designer

Ian Perge - a bassist, a writer, an intellectual... he wants to do it all

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Audiophile Imports - purveyors of music by people who know how to play their instruments
CD Baby - champion of the independent artist, with a smile to boot
Pro-Found Music - online independent wing of Steve Vai's Favored Nations label - it's their world, we just buy from it
The Artist Shop - artist-owned label specialists
G & S Music - U.K. friends of all Zappa and muso-related music fans and artists
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Preferred Equipment

SWR Amplification - the only bass amps and speaker cabs I've played live for 13 years
Mike Lull Custom Guitars - not just Seattle's best
Taylor Guitars - without their acoustic/electric bass, View literally would not exist
D'addario - string 'em up
Raven Labs - boutique audio processing from SWR's founder Steve Rabe
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Other Bassists

Adam Nitti - sometimes the best bassists are nice guys too; check out his music dojo mojo
Michael Manring - words cannot describe what he is capable of on the bass
Dave Pomeroy - Nashville's session ace is a one man band on the side
Michael Dimin - big droppins from a solo jazz specialist
Trip Wamsley - who else nails power chords with a pick on an Alembic while singing?
Frode Berg - Norway's finest producer of low-end

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Bass Enthusiast Sites

Bass Player Magazine - home of my column for three years, then they finally wised up
Bassics Magazine - only publication to do a BB feature article (insert comment here)
Bass Guitar Magazine (U.S.) - the new bassboys on the block
Bass Guitar Magazine (U.K.) - high quality bass mag from across the atlantic
Bass Northwest - the largest bass-only store in the world, old friends too - too much bass information - the center of the online bass forum universe
The International Institute of Bassists - the IIB, content served regularly
Bass Inside Magazine - bass content, straight outta Switzerland
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No Particular Category

Zug - still good comedy after all these years
The Onion - best 9/11 headline forever and ever: Holy Fucking Shit!
Drudge Report - he links, he reports, he decides
Slate - political lefty heaven, plus the best collection of political cartoons anywhere
Andrew - for those who like their conservatives gay, catholic and pro-drug-legalization
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