Beller Bass Clinics & WesFest 10 Wrap-Up

Hey everyone. Just a very quick update to let you know that I’ll soon be doing a few bass clinics for the first time in a while! My friends at Gallien-Krueger AmplificationMike Lull Custom Basses, and D’Addario Strings have been kind enough to sponsor my appearances at the following four events:

May 27 - Professional Music Center – Des Moines, IA
May 28 - Chicago Music Exchange – Chicago, IL
May 30 - Bass Break Live – Washington, DC (weekend bass retreat)
June 16 - Bass San Diego – San Diego, CA

(all start times 7pm except for Bass Break Live; see that link for details)

I really enjoy doing group instructional work, and I’ve missed doing clinics. Touring is great, don’t get me wrong, but the opportunity to connect with bassists and musicians on a more intimate level is something I’m looking forward to doing again. Also, I have a boatload of touring coming up again, starting this summer (more details on that very very soon), so these could be the last clinics I do for quite some time. If you’re closeby, I hope to see you there.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, WesFest 10 was a great success, with lots of money and spirits raised for everyone involved. Thanks again to everyone who came out and packed the house! Special thanks also to those who donated their time and efforts to make the event a success (remember, I didn’t organize it this year; that torch was passed to others who did an amazing job).

Here’s a pic of me jamming with Victor Wooten for the encore, along with this year’s Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award Winner Stefan Sandman to the right. (photo by John Wehmiller)

This was taken just seconds before I started soloing and then somehow managed to yank my short and borrowed instrument cable out of the preamp, knocking it to the ground and cutting my signal out completely in front of 300 people, demonstrating that it’s never too late for a lesson in humility. :-) Thanks again for reading all of my updates about this cause near and dear to my heart…and here’s to you, Wes. You would have laughed.

There’s a gigantic truckload of great pictures from this event, courtesy of Ron Lyon. Check them out by clicking here.

Stay tuned for the big Aristocrats album/tour announcement, coming extremely soon to an inbox near you…

Cheers to all,

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