Emerging From Seclusion: Satch Tour & Aristocrats New Album/Tour Coming Up

Just a short note to acknowledge the fact that I was literally hiding for most of April, recovering from months of touring…and also attending to my duties as the manager of The Aristocrats as we finished our new album “Culture Clash”. That album is now DONE, I am happy to report, and will be released on July 16.

Right now, I’m rehearsing with Joe Satriani for his “Unstoppable Momentum” Europe tour, which starts May 18 in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m having a blast with fellow bandmates Mike Keneally and Marco Minnemann, and it’s going to be too much fun hitting the road with Team Satch, who are just an absolutely lovely group of people.

So even though I’m still in the basement building a mighty Aristocratic promo bomb (which will be unleashed soon enough), I just wanted to peek my head up and say hi, I’m here, I’m rested, and I’m ready for five straight months of touring without a break.

More info alarmingly soon,

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