Keneally UK/Europe Tour Done. Next Up: Tours With Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats

It was a wild and woolly three weeks, but the first-ever official Mike Keneally Band tour of the UK and Europe is now in the books. I’m beyond exhausted (as is everyone) but we’re all so, so grateful to everyone who came out and supported this long overdue maiden voyage for the MKB Over There. Special thanks to the unholy support from Godsticks, without whom this tour would never, ever have happened.

Here’s a final tour shot taken in a beautiful square in Nancy, France:

L to R: Joe Travers, Rick Musallam, Keneally, me…and for Godsticks, gtr/vox/bandleader/profanity expert Darran Charles, drummer/bionic driver Steve Roberts, excellent bassist Dan Nelson, and best-tour-PA ever Rhiannon Jenkins.

Today: Fly home from London. Then: Finish the new Aristocrats album “Culture Clash” and prepare for tours with Joe Satriani and The Aristocrats. See the Calendar page for details.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out.


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