BREAKING: I’m Touring With Joe Satriani This Spring…And The Aristocrats This Summer…And…And…

It’s not often that news gets ahead of me, but today it happened, so in lieu of an official post (which is coming soon), here’s the official news:

* Joe Satriani has invited me to join him for his tour of the U.K. and Europe this May/June/July. I’m honored and grateful to Joe for the amazing opportunity;

* The Aristocrats’ second studio album, tentatively titled “Culture Clash”, is targeted for a 7/16 release;

* The Aristocrats will tour the U.S. this summer (July/August) in support of the new album.

I drove 1200 miles in the past two days, so I’m too whipped to write more. Go here for a more complete update in the meantime. I’ll be back with more soon.

Just, uh, wow.


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