Happy Holidays Everyone!

I just got back from a one-day trip to Chicago to see my awesome wife Kira Small sing with Martina McBride for the final show of her sold-out holiday tour. A tour-ending bus party ensued.

This was just a couple of days after a 4 day trip to Vladivostok, Russia with The Aristocrats. And that was just two days after my last show of the Dethklok tour in Atlanta, where an already-legendary post-show hang occurred.

And now I am all vodka’d out. I mean, really and truly, I’m toast. So this very brief holiday greeting is all I can muster, I’m afraid:

Thanks to EVERYONE who supported what I was up to this year. Whether it was a bass clinic, or my instructional DVD, or a duo show with Kira, or a show (or the new live album!) for The Aristocrats, or a Dethklok show…thank you. I can’t do what I do without your support. You literally make it possible. THANK YOU.

***passes out on laptop, iPhone timer set for 10:00am, 1/1/13***


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