Only 4 Days Left In Presale For Kira/Bryan Live Duo CD “Live At The White House”

Hey all you procrastinators and fencesitters out there who’ve been thinking about getting a signed and numbered copy of the Kira Small & Bryan Beller live duo CD “Live At The White House” and haven’t done it yet because, well, it’s not the very last minute yet…the very last minute is approaching.

Maybe a 5-minute audio montage preview of the whole album will do the trick, eh?

Seriously, it’s a fine CD and filled to the brim with soul/R&B goodness. Lots of bass grooving and soloing, and Kira kicking ass all over the place on vocals and keys. Just click here to pre-order.

And while you’re at it with all that clicking, here’s the latest BellerBytes, which has a summary of the November/December tour dates as well.

The Keneally/Beller tour was a blur and a blast. So was The Aristocrats tour. A million thanks to all who came out and supported both ventures. Now, please pardon me while I catch my breath for 10 days.


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