Latest BellerBytes: Fall Tours With Kira (NC), The Aristocrats (East Coast/Canada/Chicago), Keneally/Beller Bands’ Double Bill (West Coast), Then Kira Again (TX and more)…

I’d better enjoy my August at home, because come September, it’s another two-month road extravaganza. A summary:

1) Early/Mid September: Kira Small w/Bryan Beller Tour North Carolina
2) Late September/Early October: The Aristocrats‘ DEBUT ALBUM Drops On 9/13; U.S. East Coast, Canada & Chicago Tour Follows
3) Mid-October: Mike Keneally Band/Bryan Beller Band Tour The West Coast
4) November & December: Kira Small w/Bryan Beller Now Booking November (TX, AR, OK, MS, LA) & December (FL, AL, GA)

All that, and actually more if you can believe it, is contained in the latest BellerBytes.

Oh, and did you know there’s a preview of the upcoming debut album from The Aristocrats now online? You didn’t, did you. Now you do:

How will I promote tours with Kira, Keneally/Beller and The Aristocrats in rapid succession? Dunno yet. The promo whoring factor will need to be unusually high. Fortunately, the right guy is on the job.


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