New BellerBytes: Dethklok/Vai Shows This Weekend, Aristocrats/Kira/Keneally-Beller In The Fall

Well, that subject line pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

I’m in Los Angeles until July 16, at which point I go to Korea and Japan with The Aristocrats. Before I leave I’ll do a festival show with Dethklok, and a benefit show with Steve Vai at which there will be so many special guests it’ll seem like a muzo telethon.

This fall, I’m hitting North Carolina with Kira, then touring the east coast and Canada and Chicago with The Aristocrats, and then there may even be some Keneally-Beller touring on the west coast.

You know where the details are. Get to the clickin’ for the latest BellerBytes. There’s even some more super-special info you can only get by reading the whole thing. Because I’m like that.


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