The New BellerBytes #81: December House Concert Tour & New “View” Remixes At Bandcamp

Just got back from the wild and wacky tour of the Carolinas…first time to Asheville and many other NC/SC locations, plus a swing up to Virginia, and a vacation in the Smoky Mountains. All great fun. Supercool folks all along the way. Where am I again? Oh yeah – home.

Now it’s time to talk future stuff once again, and so I present to you the latest BellerBytes. Click here for the full dose. (And as always, just go here to have these fine missives sent straight to your inbox!)

There’s two big headlines in the latest blast. One – Kira Small and I are heading to Florida in December for a house concert tour. So Florida people, if you’re interested in having us come to your living room, just write me and say so, and we’ll take it from there. There’s lots more info in the full BellerBytes as well.

Second, I just posted full-blown remixes of the tunes “Seven Percent Grade” and “Get Things Done” from my first album “View.” Remixing “View” is just something¬† I’ve wanted to do for a while, so I thought I’d test the waters with these two tracks. And I posted them on Bandcamp, which is a cool download service that allows you to pay whatever you want for the music. For those who’ve owned and appreciated this record for a while, I really think you’ll enjoy these two remixes.

Click here for the “Seven Percent Grade” remix, and click here for the “Get Things Done” remix.

Now it’s off to battle the brown recluse spiders in our basement. Nashville, I love ya, but man, you got some critters going on up in here.


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