BellerBytes #80: Southern Summer, SoCal In September – And Seeking Seattle!

This is a cute way of saying I just sent out a new e-mail newsletter. It’s got stuff about the August Kira Small/Bryan Beller tour of Atlanta and The Carolinas, some early September stuff in Nashville, the one-show-only Keneally/Beller “Same Band” reprise gig in Los Angeles on 9/15, and a metric ton of info about the Big Ass Cross-Country Tour that Kira and I are embarking on this October and November.

You can see it all by clicking right here.

One of the biggest takeaways in that e-mail is that, basically, the whole Kira/Bryan October/November tour is booked, with one glaring exception:

Seattle, Saturday 10/30

If you’re in Seattle and you’re even thinking about hosting a house concert, now’s the time. Just e-mail me here and I’ll answer any questions you might have.  Or if you know of a venue that we really should play (hint: intimate, quiet rooms good; loud, noisy bars bad), please hip us to it. Especially if you have a connection there.

Aside from that, we’re getting ready to leave the homestead for another 15 days, starting this Friday in Chattanooga, followed by a double-header clinic/gig in Atlanta. Then it’s over to a day off in Savannah, GA, followed by a first-ever gig in Columbia, South Carolina. As usual, the calendar page has all the info. I don’t think it’s ever been this packed with gigs. Ever.

My fingers are tired again. This happens on BellerBytes day. I shall now rest them for the coming days…


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