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Beller is currently finishing his 3rd
solo album & the 4th Aristocrats album.
"Scenes From The Flood" - Beller's concept
progressive double album, will drop in 2019

The Aristocrats are back! New album
You Know What...? & summer tour dates!


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This is a collection of videos featuring Beller on various gigs, not just his own band (for just that you can always go directly to the Bryan Beller YouTube channel).

* The Bryan Beller Band
* BB solo/clinic format
* BB with Steve Vai
* BB with Mike Keneally
* BB with The Aristocrats
* BB with Kira Small
* BB with Dethklok

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Bryan Beller Band

"Get Things Done" - professionally recorded at The Baked Potato in Los Angeles, CA on 9/15/2010,
from the DVD Wednesday Night Live:

"Love Terror Adrenaline" - audience recording on 10/17/2011
from Mt. Tabor Pub in Portland, OR on the 2010 U.S. West Coast tour:

"Cost Of Doing Business" - rare live version from the Thanks in Advance CD release party
at The Baked Potato in Los Angeles, CA on 1/22/2009:

BB solo/clinic format

BB explains metal technique in an excerpt from his instructional DVD
Mastering Tone And Versatility
also featuring Gene Hoglan from Dethklok

BB performs Steve Vai's "Freak Show Excess" to tracks in clinic at
Van Gelder Music Center in Monroe, NY on 4/1/2009:

"Life Story" performed live in studio at KDHX in St. Louis on 11/12/2010:

with Steve Vai

"Now We Run" - the complete opening track from Vai's 2009 live DVD
Where The Wild Things Are:

"Building The Church" - from the same live DVD,
an excerpt from the open-ended outro solo:

"The Crying Machine" - complete song, from the same live DVD:

with Mike Keneally

"My Dilemma" - from the Mike Keneally live DVD bakin' @ the potato!

"'Cause Of Breakfast" - from the Mike Keneally live DVD Guitar Therapy Live:

"Kedgeree" - from the live Mike Keneally DVD bakin' @ the potato!

with The Aristocrats

Guthrie Govan's tune "Erotic Cakes" - live from Musician's Institute on 1/24/2012:

"Flatlands" - live from Atlanta Institute Of Music in September of 2011:

with Kira Small

"I Ain't Never" - performed live in studio at KDHX in St. Louis on 11/12/2010:


"Say My Name" - recorded live at The Living Room in New York City on 4/23/2012:

with Dethklok

"The Gears" - bass-friendly live audience recording
from Pompano Beach, FL on 11/8/2009:

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