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Beller is currently finishing his 3rd
solo album & the 4th Aristocrats album.
"Scenes From The Flood" - Beller's concept
progressive double album, will drop in 2019

The Aristocrats are back! New album
You Know What...? & summer tour dates!


General Press
Reviews Of Beller's Live CD/DVD Wednesday Night Live
Reviews of Beller's 2nd CD Thanks In Advance
Reviews of Beller's 1st CD View

General Press

Month Year Publication
Article Title
October 2017 World Prog-Nation A Modern Progressive Musical Concept
August 2016 Innerviews The Aristocrats: Breaking The Fourth Wall
October 2015 Bass Musician Magazine COVER STORY: Bryan Beller, The Bass Player For Our Times
October 2015 Bass Player  On Taking Different Approaches
August 2013 No Living The Dream: An Interview With Bryan Beller
February 2013 Bass Guitar Mag. (UK) The Bell Boy 
January 2013 De Bassist (NL) COVER STORY: What Counts Is The Tone (link was available for issue month only)
October 2012 Bass Player COVER STORY: Bryan Beller - The Quickening
June 2012 Harmony Central Bryan Beller's Mastering Tone And Versatility (instructional DVD review)
May 2011 An Interview With Bryan Beller
April 2011 Radio Interview (In Several Parts)
March 2011 Bass Musician Magazine

"In-Depth Interview With Bryan Beller"

February 2011 "E-Mailing it in - Creative Collaboration In The Digital Age"
December 2010 BerkleeMusic.Net "Interview: Bass Player Bryan Beller"
June 2010 Boston Comedy "The Boston Comedy Q&A: Bryan Beller"
December 2009 "Bryan Beller - 18 Fretless Questions"
November 2009 "Bryan Beller - Exclusive Interview"
March 2009 Bass Frontiers "Advanced Reality"
January 2009 Bass Player "Bryan Beller's Breakthrough To Gratitude"
November 2008 The Prog Files "Interview With Bryan Beller"
September 2008 Mixdown "Advanced string theory and the modern bassist"
November 2005 Gitarre und Bass "Bryan Beller, Bass Player Again, Finally"
September 2004 "Bryan Beller Speaks DOG"
April 2003 "Bassboy Bryan Beller Gives View of Solo Album"
April 2001 Bassics "Dancing With Dolphins"
July 1998 Bass Player "A Novel Approach"
March 1997 Bass Player CD Review: Mike Keneally,
Half Alive In Hollywood
October 1995 Bass Player "On The Fast Track To Joe's Garage"

Reviews Of Beller's Live CD/DVD

Wednesday Night Live

Month Year Publication
November 2011 GenEc DVD Review
September 2011 Jazz Times
August 2011 iDrum Magazine
June 2011
June 2011 Sea Of Tranquility
May 2011 The Buffalo News
May 2011 Digital Jazz Reviews
April 2011 Clouds And Clocks
April 2011 Bass Musician Magazine
March 2011
March 2011 Aural Addict

Reviews Of Beller's 2nd CD Thanks In Advance

Month Year Publication
June 2010 All Music Guide
June 2009 Bass Frontiers
January 2009 USA Progressive Music
November 2008
November 2008 Sea Of Tranquility
November 2008 The Prog Files
October 2008 Bass Musician
September 2008 Skope
September 2008 Clouds and Clocks
September 2008 Mixdown


Reviews Of Beller's 1st CD View

Month Year Publication
July 2004
April 2004 Expose
April 2004 Bass Guitar
December 2003 The Arizona Republic
December 2003 Clouds and Clocks
November 2003 Int'l Institute of Bassists
November 2003 F5
November 2003 Bass Player
November 2003 Bass Guitar (U.K.)
September 2003
September 2003 All Music Guide



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