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Beller is currently finishing his 3rd
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"Scenes From The Flood" - Beller's concept
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The Aristocrats are back! New album
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Beller Website Literature Archive


The Literature Archive is now the home of miscellaneous longer-form writing from the previous incarnation of Beller's website. There was a metric ton of written content on the old site, most of which detailed Beller's professional history throughout the late '80s and '90s, but also included some random stuff in the '00s as well.

Some of the content was too hopelessly dated to keep, but a few pages have been preserved in their original state. If you want to know about Beller's years at Berklee, how he got started, and a few various things along the way that he cared enough to write something about, you're in the right place.

Here's your requisite warning: some (read: many) links may be outdated, and the toolbars will be very stripped down and primitive. If you get scared, you can always use the back button to get out. Otherwise, enjoy the literary overload of Beller's years gone by.

Why Bass?

A six-part raison d'etre that ranges from Beller's delinquent high school years up to his early '90s landing in Los Angeles. Seven pages and 3,600 words long, it's a primer on how he got to the beginning of his career.

Rap Sheet

The motherlode of Beller's literary history as a musician (as of 2003) includes tens of thousands of words of behind-the-scenes stories - and good links to even more stories - about his work with Mike Keneally, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa's band Z (Beller's first pro gig), and more. Another highlight is an extremely detailed tale (nearly 6,000 words!) about life at Berklee College Of Music from 1989-1993.

Steve Vai & The Metropol Orchestra - The Origins Of Sound Theories

A breezy, blog-style journal about Beller's 2004 visit to Holland for work with the renowned Metropol Orchestra on the body of work that eventually became Steve Vai's Sound Theories album. Complete with pictures and clever captions, it was an addition to the Steve Vai "rap sheet" writings mentioned above, and predated anything having to do with the 2007 String Theories Tour band that played on the live CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are.

Inside View

A whole lot of content - pages and pages of text, audio and video - all pertaining to Beller's first solo album View. Not necessarily all literature, but enough content in the archive world to justify a listing here. Also linked over in the Solo Albums section.

The Complete Blog Archive: 2002-2009

Going back all the way to 1.0, this is one, single, gigantic page containing all of Beller's blog entries, from the debut of the first site in 2002 up to the end of 2009 just before the current site launched. It's a virtual time capsule of his travels through the "Oughts" decade.

Wes Wehmiller Tribute Page

Written in early 2005 shortly after the passing of Beller's close friend, it's a one-page tribute to the amazing person that was Wes Wehmiller. It also contains links to the official Wes Wehmiller Tribute Site, the online home of the continuing efforts to honor Wes' memory - including the annual WesFest benefit concerts, which have raised over $50,000 for the Wes Wehmiller Memorial Scholarship at Berklee College Of Music.

The Life Of Bryan

Seven years before there was a, there was The Life Of Bryan, a pre-blog web journal page on Mike Keneally's website that eventually spawned hundreds of pages of written content. Click here to see how the whole thing began.

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