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Beller is currently tracking 
his third solo album.
Satch + Beller + Keneally + Travers:
2018 "What Happens Next" on tour!

The Aristocrats start working on
their next studio album in 2019.

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For The Latest Updates…

Monday, June 11th, 2018

…I know it’s not in fashion these days, but my Facebook Page is currently where I’m updating most frequently.

As I’ve mentioned before, this website needs a major overhaul, and it will get one once this massive double solo album I’m working on is ready for its public debut. That’s what that tease-y “2019″ graphic in the upper left part of the page is all about.

Thanks for following along with what I’m up to. You can always visit the Calendar page to see where I’ll be playing live next. I travel a lot. :-)


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