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“View” 10th Anniversary Celebration – Streaming For Free All Month!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: My first solo album “View” came out 10 years ago this very day (October 28, 2003). So I wanted to say a little something about that, and also do something special to mark the occasion…like stream it for free for a month, and give away my live album to anyone who buys “View” from my website during the special celebration! (Really. More about that in a sec.)

As you may know, I’ve been on the road with either Joe Satriani or The Aristocrats for over five straight months now. So I thought, I could really use some time alone, in solitude, in the mountains. That’s exactly what I’m going to do once I release this into the interwebs. Where I’m going might even look suspiciously similar to this:

Some things never change.

Here’s what’s different: In celebration of the album’s 10-year mark, I’m seriously going to put the whole album up on my Soundcloud page as one streaming mp3 audio file for an entire month. If you already have it, take a trip down memory lane with me and relive my early-aughts emo-angst.

But I’m suspecting that some folks – who may have jumped on the Beller train through Dethklok, or The Aristocrats, or even Joe Satriani – may not even know this album exists. If that’s you…it’s kind of a rock/fusion-meets-solo-acoustic/electric concept album. There’s definitely elements of prog in there somewhere. And for those Aristocratically-minded, there’s ample evidence that I actually enjoy (maybe even prefer) writing for larger bands. Larger than trios, anyway. You’ll also find the original version of “See You Next Tuesday” on here, featuring Mike Keneally playing The Impossible Melody on baritone guitar.

Just go here to check out my first solo album “View” in its entirety, streaming for free on Soundcloud.

If you like what you hear, you’ll find links to buy from my webstore, or from iTunes. But here’s the special bit: If you buy “View” from my website during the 10th Anniversary celebration, I will:

a) Sign it for you, with a little number “10″ next to my sig so the occasion is marked;

b) Send you a copy of my live CD “Wednesday Night Live” for FREE!

Yes, I’ll really do that. They’ll all start shipping in the first week of November, when I get back from my mountain escape.

So, happy birthday to “View”, happy birthday to “View”. :-)

Very special thanks to everyone who had enough faith in me to buy that album when it first came out. For you, I’ve got another special link that maybe you didn’t know about: There’s an old, old page on my old, old website called “Rear View Mirror” which has links to demos, tracking takes, live in-studio jams, and other cool artifacts of the era. It’s even linked to a whole world of archival stuff about “View”, depending on how deep you want to go down the rabbit hole.

Click here to check out Rear View Mirror, and the rest of the View web archives.

To everyone who came out to a Joe Satriani or Aristocrats show over the past 5+ months, thank you thank you thank you. It was a long, life-changing journey, one I won’t soon forget, and you carried me through it more than you realize. Here’s a special picture that encapsulates what the whole thing did to my brain.

Now, I’ve got a desolate road to disappear down. See you on the other side.

Best wishes to all,

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