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The Aristocrats Tour California This Week!

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

This is another one of those lazy blog posts where the subject pretty much says it all.

OK, I can do better: Did you know that Marco, Guthrie and I (a.k.a. The Aristocrats) recorded a whole new album in seven 13-hour days in Nashville last week? We sure did. And we’re debuting that material on the road in California all this week. If you’re a fan of all things Aristocratic, I advise you to check it out:

* January 26 & 27 – San Pedro, CA – Alva’s Showroom (a tough ticket to get, we know – we’ll play a bigger venue next time, Los Angeles, we promise!)
* January 29 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
* January 31 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Company (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)
* February 1 – San Francisco, CA – Biscuits & Blues
* February 2 – Sacramento, CA – The Boardwalk (w/special guest Travis Larson Band)

And right after that, it’s a big old Kira Small/Bryan Beller R&B/soul cross-country house concert/intimate venue/clinic tour, followed by WesFest 8 featuring the live debut of Brendon Small’s Galaktikon. The post below has a lot of info about that ridiculously awesome show.

Or you can just check out the Calendar page. There’s lots of pretty pictures there.


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