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The Aristocrats Live CD/DVD “BOING, We’ll Do It Live!” – Available For Pre-Order Now, Ships December 10

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

(crossposted from The Aristocrats website)

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Aristocrats live CD/DVD, BOING, We’ll Do It Live: The Aristocrats At Alvas Showroom, is now available for pre-order, just in time for the holiday season!

Just click here to go to the Aristo-webstore (we ship WORLDWIDE) and pre-order now. The release date is December 10, so you won’t have to wait long to be the first to hear and see it.

Maybe you’re wondering what the DVD looks like? Very well then: check out this 5-minute YouTube preview!

Now for the basics. It’s available in three versions: Deluxe Edition (DVD + 2CD), Regular 2CD Edition, and Digital Download only.

The Deluxe Edition contains a 2-hours-plus DVD of us playing our entire live repertoire to date, plus bonus features like:

* Two additional songs
* 5.1 surround mix by Steven Wilson, 2-channel stereo mix by Mark Niemiec
* Interviews with each band member
* Bonus soundcheck audio and additional between-song banter.

You also get two audio CD’s of the same performance, and an immediate digital download upon purchase.

For those not video-oriented, the 2CD Regular Version is a straight-up double live album, featuring 14 songs totaling two hours of pure Aristocrats musical mayhem. It also includes an immediate digital download upon purchase.

And for the digital-only folks, you can purchase just the digital download of the double album.

We also made a special t-shirt just for the live album release, complete with a new design for the front, and a special Pig vs. Chicken Mortal Kombat scene on the back, with a special message for our Japanese friends. (If you get the DVD, you’ll get the joke. If not, it’s still cool and weird, right?)

It’s all available at our Aristo-webstore (did we mention we ship WORLDWIDE?). Click here to get it now!

In all seriousness: Guthrie, Marco and I (BB) are beyond grateful for the overwhelming positive response and support we’ve received ever since launching The Aristocrats. We’ve tried to get to as many places as possible for live shows, but as you know, it’s hard to get everywhere. Lots of folks asked for a live album. This is our answer to those requests, and it’s our hope that, whether or not you’ve seen us play live before, BOING, We’ll Do It Live! will give you the full live Aristocratic experience, wherever you happen to be.


The Aristocrats Live DVD+2CD Package “BOING, We’ll Do It Live!” Release Date Set for 12/10

Friday, November 9th, 2012

See subject to complete yet another lazy blog post. I admit, I’m pretty worn down from the Aristocrats European tour. It’s been absolutely amazing and the fans have made it an unforgettable experience, but my body is crying uncle. So that’s my excuse.

At least this post has some awesome news in it, though, amirite? We got the thing done, just in time for the holidays. You know, for those gift things.

Click here to see the post where I put forth an actual effort (complete with track listing *and* official press release) over on The Aristocrats website. For now, I’ll redeem my road-whipped ass by posting the cover art.

Oh, and hi from Athens, Greece!


Dethklok Update: Second Verse, Same As The First

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

I’ve been remiss in keeping you informed of the latest Dethklok news because it happened pretty fast while I was on the road here in Europe with The Aristocrats.

For those of you keeping score at home, I had a schedule conflict for the first 11 dates of the Dethklok fall tour, which was rescheduled from the  August/September tour that got cancelled because of Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe being stuck in a Czech jail. The Dethklok dates were October 30 through December 8. I had a commitment with The Aristocrats from October 9 through November 11. So Pete Griffin (formerly of Zappa Plays Zappa) is filling in for me on those conflicted dates.

Then Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast right when Dethklok was supposed to start touring there, so 3 of the first 11 dates were moved to the end of the tour, as follows:

Philadelphia, PA – was 10/31, moved to 12/11
Norfolk, VA – was 10/30, moved to 12/12
New York City, NY – was 11/3, moved to 12/14

All tickets bought for the above shows will be honored on the rescheduled dates.

But now I can make these Dethklok dates, right?! Wrong. I’m committed to be in Vladivostok, Russia with The Aristocrats from 12/10 through 12/17. Pete Griffin will once again cover my schedule-conflicted ass.  Of course I wish I could do the NYC show, but it’s good karma this way, as Pete was supposed to do it in the first place.

So, in other words, 2012 continues to be the year of scheduling clusterfuckery it’s been all year long. But hey, first world problems and all that. And I’m glad that Dethklok will at least get to the Northeast this year (fingers & toes crossed, magic spells being cast, etc).

Plus, I’m having a blast out here with The Aristocrats in Europe.  Sorry I haven’t been updating more, we’re just moving pretty fast. More soon, promise.


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