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BRUTAL: Dethklok/Lamb Of God/Gojira Summer Tour CANCELLED

Friday, July 27th, 2012

To co-opt a Dethklok joke, the most brutal tour of all is…no tour.

I just wrote a very long BellerBytes about the whole thing, and I encourage you to read it. There’s a short version of the story and a long version of the story,  and they’re both available in that order.

For those who don’t know anything about this,  the bottom line is that Lamb Of God’s lead singer, Randy Blythe, is stuck in a jail in the Czech Republic facing manslaughter charges stemming from a 2010 concert in which a fan rushed the stage, got onstage, then got thrown offstage, and then died from a head injury. Without Lamb Of God, the tour just couldn’t work.

Beyond that, the devil is truly in the details. Like I said, read all about it here.

Personally, I’m very disappointed, but life goes on. (I have much more to say in the linked BellerBytes above.)

My thoughts go out to the Lamb Of God family and especially Randy himself, all of whom are dealing with a much tougher challenge than I am right now.

As for Dethklok and the many fans who are surely bummed about this crazy turn of events, it’s a setback, but only a temporary one. We’ll be back soon with news of the third album release and a fall tour. Not much else to say, except, that’s showbiz.

Better days – and better news from yours truly – lie ahead.


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