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Two More Tours: Kira Small In The NE & Upper Midwest (April/May), and The Aristocrats In The Midwest & Mid-South (Late May)

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Because I don’t travel enough.

Seriously, I’m lucky to be so busy. Touring with Kira and doing clinics along the way always rocks. I miss the Northeast so I’m happy to be going back to the homeland. We’re going out for a whole four weeks this time. Here’s the itinerary:

* SA 4/14 (1pm): Wheaton, MD – bass clinic at Washington Music Center, sponsored by Gallien-Krueger Amps and D’Addario Strings
* SA 4/14 (evening): Annapolis, MD – house concert
* M 4/16: Fredericksburg, VA – lessons available (just reply to this e-mail!)
* T 4/17: Wilmington, DE – Nomad Bar
* W 4/18: Queens, NY – bass clinic at Guitar Center Queens, sponsored by D’Addario Strings
* R 4/19: Audubon, PA – “office concert” (house concert style)
* F 4/20: Allentown, PA – house concert, seating available
* SA 4/21: Rockaway, NJ – house concert, seating available
* M 4/23: New York City, NY – The Living Room
* T 4/24: Providence, RI – The Spot Underground (Creation: Tuesday)
* R 4/26: Brewer, ME – bass clinic at Mark’s Music, sponsored by D’Addario Strings
* F 4/27: South Attleboro, MA – house concert, seating available
* SA 4/28: Boston, MA – private house concert
* M 4/30: Rochester, NY – house concert, seating available
* T 5/1: Pittsburgh, PA – bass clinic at Pianos N’Stuff Music, sponsored by D’Addario Strings
* R 5/3: S. Charleston, WV – a Kira/Bryan concert at Gorby’s Music
* F 5/4: Columbus, OH – house concert, seating available
* SA 5/5: Cincinnati, OH – house concert, very limited seating available
* M 5/7: Fort Wayne, IN – bass clinic at Sweetwater Performance Theatre, sponsored by Gallien-Krueger Amps

And then, The Aristocrats hit seven cities in the heartland later that same month of May:

* F 5/18: Nashville, TN – The Rutledge
* SA 5/19: Louisville, KY – Zazoo’s (The New Vintage Showcase)
* M 5/21: Indianapolis, IN – Birdy’s
* T 5/22 – Cleveland, OH – The Tavern (Beachland Ballroom)
* W 5/23 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Café
* T 5/24 – Charleston, WV – The Sound Factory
* F 5/25 – Charlotte, NC – The Double Door Inn

I’d say more but I already said it in this here link. Really, I did. And my fingers are tired. Again.


Pictures From Istanbul and Jerusalem

Friday, March 30th, 2012

I used to be really good at documenting everywhere I went on tour, with picture-filled blogs and details about Life On The Road. Then suddenly I got tired of it. I’d been everywhere, and I felt like I should just be living the experience rather than obsessively documenting everything.

But then, on this last Aristocrats tour, the last two dates were in Istanbul, Turkey and Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. So I reverted, and I’m damned glad I did.

We had a full two days in Istanbul, and one crazy 24-hour period in Israel. Essentially we landed on the afternoon of our Tel Aviv show, did the gig, went out late, and then the next day Guthrie and Marco were slated to fly to the UK. But my flight was later, so much so that it was possible to visit Jerusalem for 3-4 hours before heading to the airport for the long flight back to Philly, and then Nashville. So I went to bed at 5:30am, got up at 9:30am, and saw Jerusalem.

I was raised Jewish, bar-miztvahed and everything. (My Hebrew name is Hesh Aaron, if you must know. Hesher Aaron?) So this was a big deal for me. And I took pictures.

I have them in two Facebook albums. Click here for the Istanbul album, and click here for the Jerusalem album. Hope you enjoy.

Much more substantive news coming up real soon. Good stuff, my friends. Good stuff.


I’m Home From The Aristocrats Europe/Middle East Tour…

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

…and will have plenty to say about a lot of things, just as soon as I locate my ass and elbow and other previously easy to locate parts.


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