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“Thanks In Advance” Transcription Book Available NOW, Plus May/June Tours Data Dump

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

This is one of those full service BellerBytes e-mails with all sorts of info in it.

What kind of full service info are we talking here?

* Details on the new “Thanks In Advance” complete bass transcription book, including special bass/drums-only and no-bass mixes for every song on the album

* A slew of Kira Small/Bryan beller tour dates in the Northeast, Mountain West, Southwest, and Northwest (almost four corners, baby)

* A one-time-this-year-only “Same Band” tour-style Mike Keneally Band/Bryan Beller Band show at The Baked Potato in early June

* A very special introduction to The Aristocrats, featuring Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann and myself (yes, that’s our band name)

I’m writing this from a hotel in Chicago where we’re making The Aristocrats record. This music is weird and challenging and fun. I’ll have more to say about it soon – like, after I learn how to play all this stuff.

As you were,

Now Booking Kira & Bryan NoCal/OR/WA State House Concerts For Early June!

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Yes, we’re coming back up to points Northwest. Northern California as well. Hard to believe it’s happening so fast!

Just to clarify, these aren’t *booked* dates – they’re the dates/cities we’re looking for house concert hosts. Now that we’ve got that straight, here are the dates we’re looking at:

SUN 6/5 – Greater SF Bay Area
TUES 6/7 – Medford, OR (may be a bass clinic)
WED 6/8 – Bend, OR
THURS 6/9 – Portland, OR
FRI 6/10 – Aberdeen, WA (or Olympia/Tacoma area)
SAT 6/11 – Greater Seattle, WA
SUN 6/12 –
Greater Seattle, WA

The Washington State weekend dates are flexible – we can bounce around there if needed. Curious? Want to know more? Just click here to send me an e-mail.

Full details are right here in the latest BellerBytes

I’d write more but we’re on the road and getting a tire repaired in Kenosha, WI. If that’s not living the dream, I don’t know what is.


“Wednesday Night Live” Now Available For Digital Download

Friday, April 1st, 2011

It’s true. And I know some of you are digital-only music consumers at this point. I can get with that if you can get with this:


The pre-ordered CD’s have shipped. The DVD has just been approved for manufacturing and will be shipping in May. There’s more, including April tour dates with Kira Small and a few other tidbits in the latest BellerBytes.

That’s all I got. It’s 1:19am and we hit the road at 9:30am tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to check the Calendar page to see if the mighty minivan is stopping somewhere near you.

Oh – if you already pre-ordered “Wednesday Night Live” then I heart you very much. I really hope you like it.


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