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The Kira Small w/Bryan Beller “Raise My Voice” Tour – Oct/Nov 2010!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Behold, the awesome power of DIY touring, right before your very eyes:


10/15 – Plano, TX – house concert - very limited seating available (almost sold out!)
10/16 – Austin, TX – house concert - seating available
10/18 – Casa Grande, AZ – house concert - very limited seating available
10/20 – San Diego, CA – Lestat’s
10/21 – Studio City (L.A.), CA – “The Low Show” @ The Baked Potato (w/Doug Johns & Roy Vogt)
10/22 – Chatsworth, CA – house concert - seating available
10/23 – Irvine, CA – house concert - very limited seating available|
10/24 – Redwood City (SanFran), CA – house concert - seating available
10/26 – Arcata, CA – Mosgo’s
10/28 – Portland, OR – The Camellia Lounge @ TeaZone
10/29 – Seattle, WA – house concert - limited seating available
10/30 – Bellevue, WA – BB bass clinic @ Mike Lull Custom Basses (afternoon) (co-sponsored by Bass Northwest)
10/30 – Aberdeen, WA – house concert @ Les Blues Music Company (evening) – seating available
11/1 – Bozeman, MT – BB bass clinic @ Music Villa (sponsored by D’Addario)
11/3 – Bismarck, ND – BB bass clinic @ Eckroth Music (sponsored by D’Addario)
11/4 – Minneapolis, MN – house concert - very limited seating available
11/5 – Marshfield, WI – Vox Concert Series @ Wildwood Park Pavilion
11/6 – Madison, WI – house concert – limited seating available
11/7 – Des Plains (Chicago), IL – Tiki Terrace
11/9 – Omaha, NE – house concert – very limited seating available
11/10 – Kansas City, MO – house concert – seating available
11/11 – St. Louis, MO – BB bass clinic @ Guitar Center St. Louis (Bridgeton) (sponsored by D’Addario)

For anyone new, these are dates in which my amazingly talented singer/songwriter/keyboardist wife Kira Small and I form a dynamic duo to play her original soul/R&B material at intimate venues and house concerts. My job is to groove, plain and simple. OK, and also to be the “guitarist” for a few select solo moments. Plus I’ll be doing a few bass clinics along the way (sponsored by D’addario and Mike Lull, of course!)

As is the usual custom, I’ve just sent out a new BellerBytes e-mail with tons of context and detailed info on all of these dates, especially info pertaining to how to attend one of the many house concerts we have lined up for this tour (though of course we want you to come to the venue shows and bass clinics as well). You can also go to the calendar page of this website for that kind of bullet-pointed immediate gratification. And if you haven’t signed up for BellerBytes yet, what the #&^@$!*&!! are you waiting for?

Seriously, this tour is going to be a completely awesome adventure, and we hope you’ll be a part of it somewhere along the way.

Here’s a picture, for full promotional goodness.


Good News, Bad News

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Bad news first: My Mike Lull Modern 5 fretless bass was treated roughly by Southwest Airlines on the trip from Nashville to Los Angeles for the upcoming Keneally/Beller “Same Band” gig at The Baked Potato this Wednesday (check the Calendar page for details).

"Baby, why you have to be so mean to me?"

They didn’t even kiss her first. Very rude.

The good news is, she’s tough and she still works. So I’ll be using her (no, not like the baggage handlers did) on the gig to play “Love Terror Adrenaline” and some Keneally tunes. Will she make it through the gig? Hard to say, but at least we’ll get some pretty awesome hi-res video of her trying.

Either way, once Wednesday’s gig is over, she’ll be sent off to Mike Lull himself to get the TLC she so desperately needs.

If you’re local, won’t you do her the honor of coming out and bearing witness to her glorious struggle?

BTW, more official news about the upcoming Kira Small w/Bryan Beller “Raise My Voice” Tour (details also on the Calendar page) once the Keneally/Beller gig smoke clears.


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