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New YouTube Video – “Cost Of Doing Business” Live At The Baked Potato, 1/22/09

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

It’s two weeks since the last video, which means it’s time for a new one. Here’s us doing the Thanks In Advance album track “Cost Of Doing Business” at the Baked Potato back on 1/22/09:

This was a one-time only performance with extra special audience percussion. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

The Mike Keneally Band/Bryan Beller Band “They’re Both The Same Band” Northeast Tour 2010 is now just over a month away…


UPDATED: Bryan Beller Band To Tour Northeast With Mike Keneally Band In Early May! (Ticket Links, Cambridge Now All Ages)

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

(this has been bumped back to the top of the page)

Yes, you read that subject right.

The maiden road voyage of the Bryan Beller Band will be a 5-city tour of the Northeast, supporting my longtime friend, partner, and mentor Mike Keneally.

Not only will the two bands tour together, but the two bands will share members! We’re calling it the “THEY’RE BOTH THE SAME BAND – NORTHEAST TOUR 2010.” Cute, huh?

Here’s the joint lineup:

Mike Keneally – guitar/keys/vocals
Rick Musallam – guitar/backing vocals
Griff Peters – guitar
Bryan Beller – bass
Joe Travers – drums

And the dates at a glance (with more details below) are:

Tuesday 5/4 – Philadelphia, PA: World Cafe Live
Wednesday 5/5 – New Haven, CT: (Lilly’s Pad at) Toad’s Place
Friday 5/7 – Boston, MA: The Regattabar Jazz Club at the Charles Hotel
Saturday 5/8 – New York City, NY: Highline Ballroom
Sunday 5/9 – Baltimore, MD: Orion Sound Studios

This is my first-ever real tour, and the Bryan Beller Band will be playing tunes from both Thanks In Advance and View. Meanwhile, this will also be the touring debut of live material from Keneally’s amazing new album Scambot:One. The five-piece band is a new configuration for Mike’s constantly evolving live project, and I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

I cannot express how grateful I am to Mike Keneally and Exowax Recordings Head Dude Scott Chatfield for giving the green light to this idea. I am deeply committed to the tour’s success (in other words, I’m putting my money where my mouth is!), and I invite you to come out and enjoy a really unique concert experience.

You’re getting early word on this. Some of these venue websites might not have the gig posted yet. Trust me, it’s happening. Here are the details on each show:

Mike Keneally Band
with special guest
The Bryan Beller Band


Tuesday, May 4
World Cafe Live
3025 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 222-1400
Tickets: $20
Showtime: 8pm
All ages welcome!

Wednesday, May 5
Lilly’s Pad at Toad’s Place
300 York Street
New Haven CT 06511
(203) 562-5589
Tickets: $20
Showtime: 8pm
All ages welcome!

Friday, May 7
Regattabar at the Charles Hotel
One Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 661-5000
Tickets: $20
Showtime: 7:30pm
13+ (with accompanying adult) required for entry

Saturday, May 8
Highline Ballroom
431 West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011-5892
(212) 414-5994
Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the show
Showtime: 7:00pm
16+ required for entry

Sunday, May 9
Orion Sound Studios
2903 Whittington Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230-1461
(410) 646-7334
Tickets: $20
Showtime: 7:00
All ages welcome!

I am beyond excited about this. I hope you are too.

I also know that some folks in other parts of the country might be thinking about flying into the NE for this. I won’t discourage it, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t know when we’ll do this again. Hopefully sooner than five years, but you never know. It depends on how this all goes.

So…see you there, right?

Here goes nothing,
Bryan Beller

Milwaukee & Chicago Gigs This Weekend & Monday

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Just giving y’all a quick reminder of this weekend’s duo gigs I’m doing in Wisconsin and Chicago with my lovely and talented wife, Kira Small. It’s Friday night (tonight!) at a venue in Marshfield, Saturday and Sunday night house concerts near Milwaukee, and a very special Monday night venue gig in Chicago. If you’re here in the upper midwest, we’d love to see you. We’ll play good, I promise.

All of the details are listed on the Calendar page.

Plus, Saturday night’s gig is going to stream live on the interwebs! If you’re planning to take in the show online and want a shout-out right to you from the stage, just e-mail me and Kira will Say Your Name. Really!

These will be the last public gigs I do before I go into hiding and prepare for the Keneally/Beller “They’re Both The Same Band” Northeast Tour 2010, which promises to be exciting. But first things first – time to put the winter jacket on and play some R&B.;


New Blog: BellerBytes #75 – Manic March

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Everyone knows there’s this thing called BellerBytes, my e-mail newsletter, right? I’ve only sent it out 75 times, as you can see.

Anyway, it’s generally a big info dump on the latest happenings, gigs, travel plans, and other inside news. Because some people just won’t subscribe to anything (and you know who you are, you recalcitrant ne’er-do’well’s), I tend to post it on my MySpace blog. You don’t even need to be on MySpace to see it – just click here to read the whole thing. There’s a lot of cool news in there, like me getting on Facebook, a WesFest 5 wrap-up, stuff about my YouTube page, and more. Plus there’s news about gigs with Keneally in SoCal, and with Kira Small in Milwaukee and Chicago.

And after you read it, please subscribe! Just click here to sign up. It won’t hurt a bit, I promise. And I try to keep it fun as well as informative. Really!

The Really Big News is coming very, very soon. Stay tuned.


New YouTube Video – Bryan Beller Band Live At The Baked Potato, 1/22/09

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Got some new exclusive video for ya. It’s from the Bryan Beller Band Thanks In Advance record release party gig on 1/22/09. Behold, “Greasy Wheel”:

That’s Rick Musallam on lead guitar, Griff Peters on harmony guitar, Michael Bluestein on keys, Joe Travers on drums, and Nick D’Virgilio on tambourine. I’ll be posting a new one every two weeks for a while. All praise to Dave Foster for shooting and making the video.

And don’t forget to read the post directly below this, posted the same day…


On The Verge Of Some Big News

Friday, March 5th, 2010

First, to everyone who supported and attended WesFest 5, thank you SO much. Without going on and on about it, I’ll just say it was the best attended, most professional, and generally most awesome WesFest event we’ve ever put on. The music was great and the vibe was even better. I’ve been laying low and recovering a little bit since then.

But not totally resting. There is a swirl of stuff cooking in the background that, if you’ve been following along in these parts for any length of time, will blow your mind when it goes public. I. Can’t. Wait. To. Tell. You!

In the meantime, if you’re not a subscriber to BellerBytes, my e-mailing list, now’s the time. It’ll be the easiest way to get all of the details on The Big News delivered straight to your inbox when it comes around. I’ll probably post a link to it when the next one goes out, because it’s going to be so epic.

I know, enough hype for you? Trust me, it’ll be worth it. :-)


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